2nd ICAR symposium

University of Sydney, Australia

4th– 5th December, 2008

Hosted by the Discipline of Marketing, Faculty of Economics and Business, The University of Sydney

Symposium Overview

You are warmly invited to attend the 2nd ICAR symposium to be held in Sydney from the 4-5th December 2008. ICAR (The International Centre for Anti-consumption Research) comprises a network of marketing academics, practitioners, and social scientists from throughout the world who share a common interest in anti-consumption. ICAR was conceived as a strategic response to the growing desire from international academics to collaborate on anti-consumption related research.

What is Anti-consumption?

Anti-consumption is an under-investigated domain when compared to its better known counterpart of 'consumption', nevertheless, it is a vast area in scope. Fields of study range from the mere expression of preference for one brand over another, to the intense distaste and rejection displayed by activists against multi-national companies and the globalization that they represent (Zavestoski, 2002a). In effect, anti-consumption research is the study of why a person might have simply failed to consume, through to why they might have actively chosen not to consume (Gould, Houston, & Mundt, 1997). Anti-consumption encompasses the inert and inept set (Narayana & Markin, 1975); non-choice and anti-choice (Hogg, 1998). For further ideas, please have a look in the resources section.

Symposium Theme

This symposium is once again organised in a spirit of inclusion and as a forum for discussion. It will provide a platform for recent work in the area but also to consider our response to the urgent need for direction within sustainable practice. The symposium theme has been therefore been set as:

"How Can Anti-Consumption Research Contribute to Sustainability?"

This theme also leads on from recent attempts to help academic research recapture its relevance to practitioners. Instead of constraining the topics presented, it is proposed that this theme run through the discussions sections of the submitted papers and session discussions managed by the session chairs.

We therefore call on authors to submit 5 page papers for competitive review. Full details are available on the Call for Papers page.

Video conferencing track

Clearly sustainability lies at the heart of much of what will be discussed and to this end, the symposium, will offer a video conferencing track, allowing worldwide participation without the need to travel. It is also envisaged that this type of session will be evaluated by presenters and audience alike. If you want to be considered for this session please indicate this on the title page of your submission. Places will be limited and will be allocated on the quality of the paper as assessed by the reviewers. Please also consider the logistics of this session from your location and ensure that video conferencing facilities are readily available.

Environmental best practice

The symposium will be organised and run according to best sustainable practice. To this end carbon offsetting is suggested, though of course the wisdom of this provides an interesting potential topic for a paper. Options for this will be made available at the time of registration.

Contact details

Symposium Chair:
Dr Iain Black
Discipline of Marketing, University of Sydney
Academic Programme Chair:
Dr Deidre Shaw
Department of Management, University of Glasgow

Please visit this website for regular updates on the symposium.